Xbox Fitness

Xbox Fitness

  • Publisher Xbox Game Studios
  • Platforms Xbox One
  • Release November 2013
  • Genre Fitness

Introducing the future of fitness

Experience the world’s best workouts with instant, personalised feedback, right in your home on Xbox Fitness. Train with Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X®, Shaun T of INSANITY® and more. Optimize every workout with immediate feedback on your form, power and heart rate with the all new Kinect, featuring Muscle Mapping, Power Gauge, and Pulse. Plus, feed your motivation with social challenges. Unlimited access is yours for free with an Xbox Live Gold membership for a limited time. Only on Xbox One.

What is Xbox Fitness?
Xbox Fitness is an online service that takes the world’s best fitness videos and makes them interactive with the power of Xbox One. Optimize every workout with instant feedback on your form, power and heart rate by using precision technology: Pulse, Muscle Mapping and Energy Meter. The advanced user-tracking technology with Kinect evaluates performance by measuring balance, tempo and form. Feed your motivation with personalized and social challenges. Xbox Fitness makes working out fun with smart recommendations, challenges, performance history, rewards and achievements to keep you motivated.

Best-in-class fitness content.
Xbox Fitness features an extensive library of videos from the world’s biggest fitness brands, including Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Beachbody’s P90X® (Tony Horton) and INSANITY® (Shaun T), Anchor Bay (a Starz company) and Mossa.

Instant feedback.
Xbox Fitness personalizes your workout with high-tech features only possible through the magic of Kinect for Xbox One. Kinect is so advanced, it not only reads the distribution of your weight and the explosiveness of your movements, but it also provides an analysis of the areas of the body you are working.

  • Pulse: Detects micro-fluctuations in your face to estimate your heart rate, absolutely touch free, from two to 10 feet away
  • Muscle Mapping: Sees which muscles are most engaged by the power, force and transfer of weight in your body and gives you tips to produce stronger results
  • Energy Meter: Tracks the quality of your performance by measuring your balance, tempo and form

“Microsoft’s most important Xbox One exclusive so Far"